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Non-profit in England

Hague Explained is a registered non-profit organisation offering employees of global enterprises and their families customised, informative workshops to ensure they understand the potential risks of taking their children to live in another country.

The global workforce is larger than ever before; international ...

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Protecting Children in Cross-Border Custody Disputes

The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, referred to as the Hague Convention (HC), stands as a powerful international treaty endorsed by over 100 countries, united in their commitment to safeguarding the welfare of children. Irrespective of the child's nationality or marital ...

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For employers - meeting your duty of care for valued executives and their families

In today's globalized world, experienced executives often embark on international assignments, accompanied by their families. However, if personal relationships falter and children are involved, the consequences can be devastating. The unfortunate reality is that if these valued executives become entangled in ...

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Understanding the Hague Convention

What is the Hague Convention?

The HC is a treaty signed by over 100 countries to protect children. Wherever a family is living, if one parent takes a child to another country and the other parent objects, for example, if a relationship breaks down (nationality and marital status are irrelevant under the Hague Convention). It is supposed to make sure the child is not harmed but is quickly returned to their place of ‘habitual residence’—what this means is not defined by law. Loosely, it means a place a child has spent a substantial amount of time (although some countries deem habitual residence to begin the moment the child sets foot in the country). In the UK, most children who are subject to HC cases are returned within 6 weeks. There are defences that can be used to make a case for not returning a child, but these are very limited.

What is the Problem?

If experienced executives who have a family get involved in Hague Litigation, they will be embroiled in an international legal case for many months, if not years; the costs for this may run into tens or hundreds of thousands of £/$/EUR. The toll this will take on the employee’s health—mental as well as physical—is immeasurable. There is little information about the dangers of moving between countries with children and practically no advance warning of a Hague Convention case.


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