Non-profit in England

Hague Explained is a registered non-profit organisation offering employees of global enterprises and their families customised, informative workshops to ensure they understand the potential risks of taking their children to live in another country.

The global workforce is larger than ever before; international mobility for businesses is common and crucial. We understand the unique challenges of working abroad and the concerns surrounding international child abduction and custody matters.

Our mission is to ensure global businesses and their employees understand their responsibilities under the Hague Convention and take action to mitigate the risks of international disputes involving children. Unfortunately, when a relationship ends, emotional and financial trauma can ensue when one parent decides to return home with children. In such cases, extensive legal proceedings can lead to weeks or months of costly and complex litigation that can be avoided. 

This is why Hague Explained offers training to employees of global enterprises to help them avoid conditions under which a Hague case may be started.

We understand that time is money, and the costs associated with legal proceedings are significant, both morally and financially. Our customised workshops for employees of multinationals are designed to help families understand the risks of international child abduction and custody cases as early as possible. Whether you are an individual or an organisation with a focus on education and awareness, Hague Explained offers the perfect solution to help you better mitigate risk.

We believe that by providing a clearer and more timely understanding of the Hague Convention, we can help ensure that valuable employees are not lost to protracted international litigation and their families are not unnecessarily traumatised. We welcome inquiries about our training as well as requests for bespoke workshops tailored to unique business requirements. We would be happy to discuss customised workshops tailored to your company's specific needs. We can also answer any questions that you may have.

As a non-profit, our purpose is to benefit our community: international families. To this end we are able to offer practical workshops to charities, NGOs and other interested organisations at reduced rates. Please contact us for more information.